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About us

Our journey in fashion, women’s clothing and styling started 30 years ago. Our passion and dedication to always deliver the best personalised service to our clients, led us to discover House of Colour in 1992 and become the authorised House of Colour representatives in Greece. Since then, we revolutionize the shopping experience and offer all of you that have had your Colour Analysis and Personal style, the opportunity to buy clothes in your best colours and style.

We can transform the way you shop, make sure you will become a more effective shopper saving money, time and space in your wardrobe and last but not least, ensure you will always look fabulous!

Eirini & Augustina

Colour Seasons


Warm, Rich, Earthy, Vibrant colours


Cool, Clear, Bright, Vivid, Icy colours


Warm, Clear, Bright, Light colours


Cool, Blue, Soft, Smoky, Rose colours

Clothing Personalities

  • Dramatic
  • Romantic Natural
  • Natural Dramatic
  • Gamine Dramatic
  • Dramatic Classic
  • Classic
  • Natural Classic
  • Dramatic Natural
  • Natural
  • Ingénue Natural
  • Dramatic Gamine
  • Classic Gamine
  • Natural Gamine
  • Gamine
  • Ingénue Gamine
  • Classic Ingénue
  • Natural Ingénue
  • Ingénue
  • Romantic Classic
  • Romantic Ingénue
  • Natural Romantic
  • Ingénue Romantic
  • Romantic

Styling Consultant

Anyone who has had Colour & Personal Style analysis by House of Colour, knows the transformational effect it has on their wardrobe, their style and confidence.

But much as we might wish to, we don’t all have the time or the ability to shop for the best clothes in our most flattering colours and styles.

Our styling consultant can offer you personalised advice on styles that suit best your body architecture and personality and help you express your authentic self.

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