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Anyone who has had Colour & Personal Style analysis by House of Colour, knows the transformational effect it has on their wardrobe, their style and confidence.

But much as we might wish to, we don’t all have the time or the ability to shop for the best clothes in our most flattering colours and styles.

Our styling consultant can offer you personalised advice on styles that suit best your body architecture and personality and help you express your authentic self.

A whole new experience

Are you searching for clothes in your season’s colours – the colours that make you look fresh, healthy, confident and radiant? Here, at Shopping Services & Styling, you will discover the colours that will give you authority, confidence and compliments.

Are you looking to dress your clothing personality? We can help you spot the right styles for you and save time and effort. As Image Consultants, we are here to ensure you look authentic in business and fabulous altogether.

As a House of Colour client you can now explore our collections and enjoy a whole new shopping experience.

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